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Convert a Virtual disk (VMDK) in a Physical disk.

Convert a Virtual disk (VMDK) in a Physical disk. this operation allows to run a virtual machine in a physical machine and vice versa V2P and P2V, mainly designed for USB HDD support with this Windows Tool. VDMK2TOPhys has been designed to allow a quick switch between Virtual and Physical machine using a VMDK file as HDD container. For example, if you have a virtual machine with Linux and you want to run the environment on a physical machine in order to improve the overall performance, you can use VMDK2PHYS to transfer the VMDK on a physical disk and boot from it in native mode. It is also possible to do the opposite, create a VMDK file from a HDD device and run it using VMware or VirtuaBox.

VDMK2TOPhys assumes that the VMDK will be copied on a Removable HDD Device (mainly USB  devices). But, it is possible to transfer the VDMK on a HDD. The only condition is to be able to unmount the device in order to be able to write the physical device, sector by sector.

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vmdk2phys/files/

Mirror: https://download.rbconnect.eu/Windows%20Pub/App/Vmdk2Phys.1.0.0.zip